Peter Silberman

The Antlers’ Peter Silberman Releasing His First Solo Album

After being sidelined by crippling tinnitus The Antlers Peter Silberman is releasing his first solo record. 

While Antlers’ album doused you in a constant wave of sound, “Impermanence” is a sparse record featuring an acoustic guitar and Silberman’s voice. He moved from Brooklyn to upstate New York to aide his hearing. Here he started thinking about silence and what a luxury it is. 

In the press release Silberman recounts how he came to appreciate silence, “It would be some time before I experienced silence again, thanks to a constant blizzard of tinnitus. Once silence ceased to be available to me, I came to think of it as the luxury of well-calibrated perception. We mistakenly perceive it as nothing, but it’s precious, a profound entity. It became obvious to me why many prayers are silent, performed in immaculately quiet spaces.”

What’s more interesting is how the songs were engineered, “With the help of mix engineer Andrew Dunn, we repeatedly ran tracks through aged tape until the songs themselves decayed.” You can hear this on the first preview from the six track album ‘Karuna’, where it has that warm feeling you can hear when you listen to vinyl. 

“Impermanence” will be released on February 24. You can listen to the 8-minute slow burner ‘Karuna’ below. 

Peter Silberman –
1. Karuna
2. New York
3. Gone Beyond
4. Maya
5. Ahimsa
6. Impermanence


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