Leaked: Tennis – Cape Dory

Tennis - Cape Dory
Tennis’ debut album “Cape Dory” has leaked a little over two weeks from the release date of January 18. The album features mostly re-recorded material from their previous EP and singles. Depending on what you’ve heard about 7 or 8 of the songs on the record are previously released material. The band hit the scene by releasing a cassette with demo versions of songs on the album. The new songs include the ‘Long Boat Pass’ with the nautically-theme title like the album, which features Alaina Moore’s sweet vocals over jittery rock ballad, the studio version of ‘Bimini Bay’ has a coda which is reminiscent of the more lush Beach House. “Cape Dory” is full of pleasant retro inspired tunes carried by Moore’s lucid vocals and Patrick Riley’s idiosyncratic guitar. The album will be released on January 18 on Fat Possum, you can buy it here.

Tennis – South Carolina [Alt]


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