Acoustic Thursday

Acoustic Thursday: Memoryhouse, Pt. 2

Another acoustic track back by Memoryhouse and it is another cover. This time the band covered the track ‘These Days’ that was written by Jackson Browne for Nico’s debut album “Chelsea Girl”. Denise Nouvion’s vocals are accompanied by an acoustic guitar, according to the band it was the first song that they recorded before the band ever came to be, this is their description:

This was the first song Denise and I ever recorded together, about three or four months before memoryhouse became a dedicated project. It was a spontaneous recording done really late at night, but it had this indelible nervous energy that gave Denise’s voice that extra hint of vulnerability that underpins Browne’s yearning, despondent lyrics so well. These Days ended up being a thesis of sorts for us, whose lyrical themes would go on to figure heavily in our first song, Lately.

You can download the song below.

Memoryhouse – These Days [Alt]


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