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Leaked: The Drums – The Drums

The Drums - The Drums
The Drums first album their self-title debut was released today in the UK but it has been on thr internet for less than a week. The album is released right after they announced they signed with Island Records and have been steadily gaining recognition in the UK. “The Drums” opens with their single ‘Best Friend’ which helps set thr tone for the album which is full of basic pop songs. They decided to keep a couple of songs from the “Summertime EP”, ‘Down bu the Water’ and ‘Let’s Go Surfing’. Like their previous material the band’s songs deal with themes of heartbreak and ambivalence for past relationships. The first single from the album ‘Forever and Ever Amen’ helps keep pace halfway through the album as it starts to drag a bit after ‘Skippin’ Town’. The album is not as immediate as their previous release but it will definitely grow on you after a couple of listens. It closes on a melancholly note with ‘The Future’, whcih shows the overall sentiment o the album as a break-up record. Thr album is it tomorrow ia Moshi Moshi and Island Records, you can buy it here.

The Drums – Best Friend [Alt]
The Drums – Submarine [Alt]


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