New Justice – Beginning Of The End Fake!

A couple of hours ago while I was out and about town Ed Banger sent out a promo e-mail in which they sent out Justice’s new single ‘Beginning Of The End’. Hopefully the track will not be the actual beginning of the end for the French duo. The song features some classic, dramatic Justice sound. With the horns and string sections interwoven into the synths and dance beats. You can download the track below. Update: Well it turns out that the track was fake, GrandCrew called the label up and asked them what was up and they said that it was a hacker sending out this fake song out to almost every blog on the internet. That sucks it got me very excited, two fakes tracks of French house duos going around the last week is a little more than a coincidence. I wonder who might be behind this. You can still download the fake song below if you want to.

Justice – Beginning Of The End [Alt]


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  1. Anonymous

    i worry when people can't spot fakes. it kind of negates justice even existing if people enjoy bad bedroom producer replicas : /

  2. ---

    Everybody starts in a bedroom…For example: The new Washed Out, Pictureplane, Small Black tour = all guys that are STILL playing in their bedrooms. And I would know, I'm friends with Travis…Something to keep in mind.

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