New CANT (Chris Taylor) – Ghosts

Remember when I told you guys about Chris Taylor starting a label and then releasing a 7″ vinyl with Arthur Russell. Well this is the track is going to be released as a single. He made the track available for download but only for a limited amount of time. ‘Ghosts’ vocals a somewhat hushed and is a bass heavy tune. It is similar to Grizzly Bear’s work in terms of the production and the reverb on the vocals. You can download the track below.
Terrible Records will have their CMJ Showcase at Pianos on Friday, 10/23. Playing at the showcase will be Little Girls, Arms, Acrylics, Blood Orange, Class Actress, Spleen United, Ungdomskulen with founders Chris and Ethan DJing. You can buy the CANT single ‘Ghosts’ here

CANT – Ghosts [zshare]


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  1. Filippo

    woah finally a 320k version of this song! thanks. i hope he releases something else soon!

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