Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke Live at the Echoplex 10-02-2009

This was Thom Yorke’s warm-up show before his two nights at the Orpheum. He played with a band comprised of Nigel Godrich, Flea, Joey Waronker, Mauro Refosco. Thom opened the set with the title track from “The Eraser”. Four new songs were debuted, some of which he is still working on with Radioead; ‘Lotus Flower’ and ‘Judge, Jury & Executioner’ which isn’t ‘Myxomatosis’ from Radiohead’s “Hail to the Thief”. Thom also played Radiohead b-side ‘Paperbag Write’ and the two tracks from his new single ‘The Hollow Earth’ and ‘Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses’. This is a collection of the sound from the best youtube videos of the show. You can download the show below.

Thom Yorke – Live at the Echoplex 10/02/09:
The Eraser
The Clock
Black Swan
Skip Divided
Atoms for Peace
And It Rained All Night
Harrowdown Hill
Cymbal Rush
Open the Floodgates
Lotus Flower
Skirting the Surface
Judge, Jury & Executioner
Paperbag Writer
The Hollow Earth
Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

Download Entire Set


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