Wilco Being Sued By Former Member, Jeff Tweedy Answers Back

Former Wilco member Jay Bennett is suing the band for $50,000 in damages, claiming that he is owed royalties for songs and his appearance in the 2002 documentary, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart”. Bennett played various instruments from his time in Wilco from 1994-2001, he played on the album; “Being There”, “Summerteeth”, “Mermaid Avenue”, “Mermaid Avenue Vol. II” and “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”. He said he was not paid to appear in the 2002 documentary and that he didn’t sign any releases to appear in the film.
Jeff Tweedy responded to the suit by telling Paste:

I know exactly as much as everyone else does. I’ve read the news and I honestly have no idea what these claims are based on. It was such a long time ago. Aside from everything else, I’m being sued for not paying someone for appearing in a movie I didn’t produce. Go figure. I am truly sad it has come to this. I am equally convinced, however, that I have done nothing wrong and that this will be handled fairly and swiftly.

Wilco is releasing a new album later this year that features a duet with a Leslie Feist and have released a track for download that also features Feist.

Wilco – Glad It’s Over [zshare]


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