E-mail Roundup
E-mail Roundup

E-mail Roundup 12/13

I get sent too many tracks to post on the blog. Sometimes I’ll miss a couple or a dozen. This is a huge problem, in order to combat this I’m starting a new series in which I’m able to post at least five of the songs that I missed throughout the week. Not that these songs didn’t deserve their own post but it’s just so hard to get to everything with my limited time/life.


Jordan Prince – Parade:
Jordan Prince recently moved from Munich to New Orleans, he released his new EP “Parade”. The title track features his dulcet voice which carries the tune.


Leif Erikson – Looking for Signs:
English five piece released the video for ‘Looking for Signs’. The track is led by a sultry bass line and features a scenic video.


Baby Jesus – You Make Me Fry:
Swedish band Baby Jesus released their self-titled debut in October. ‘You Make Me Fry’ is a brief garage cut featuring a gnarly organ.

teddyTEDDY – Fulfilling Romance:
TEDDY released their new video for their single ‘Fulfilling Romance’. The main focus of the video is the wallpaper.


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