Cavern of Anti-Matter
Cavern of Anti-Matter

New Cavern of Anti-Matter – Melody in High Feedback Tones

Cavern of Anti-Matter is the new project of Stereolab’s Tim Gaines. The trio is rounded out by drummer Joe Dillworth and synth player Holger Zapf. They will be releaseing their debut album “void beats / invocation trex”. Bradford Cox, Mouse On Mars’ Jan St. Werner, and Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom all appear in the album. You can listen to their new song ‘Melody in High Feedback Tones’ below.

Cavern of Anti-Matter – void beats / invocation trex:
1. tardis cymbals
2. blowing my nose under close observation
3. insect fear
4. melody in high feedback tones
5. hi-hats bring the hiss
6. liquid gate
7. pantechnicon
8. black glass action
9. planetary folklore
10. echolalia
11. void beat
12. zone nul


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