Todd Terje

Todd Terje Announces Debut Album

Todd Terje - It's Album Time
Todd Terje will now be releasing his debut album, after years of singles. The album is titled “It’s Album Time” and will be released on April 8. It features the previously released ‘Inspector Norse’, ‘Strandbar’ and ‘Swing Star Part 1 & 2’. You can see the tracklisting for the album below.

Todd Terje – It’s Album Time:
01. Intro (it’s Album time)
02. Leisure Suit Preben
03. Preben Goes to Acapulco
04. Svensk Sås
05. Strandbar
06. Delorean Dynamite
07. Johnny and Mary [ft. Bryan Ferry]
08. Alfonso Muskedunder
09. Swing Star part I
10. Swing Star part II
11. Oh Joy
12. Inspector Norse


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