Ellie Herring

New Ellie Herring – What To Know

Ellie Herring
Lexington, Kentucky based electronic artist Ellie Herring has sent me her new song ‘What To Know’. The track will be included on her debut EP “Flailing in Attraction” which will be released on June 7. ‘What To Know’ is a blends pounding beats with synth flourishes and Herring’s indiscernible fuzzy vocals round out the hypnotizing atmosphere of the track. You can listen to more work by Ellie Herring at her soundcloud and download ‘What To Know’ below.

Ellie Herring – What To Know [Alt]


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  1. NationalDairy

    Dude great blog. Great artist, I’ll be posting this girl’s new song on my blog okay and I’ll give you the props 🙂 of course.

  2. canvas print

    What a great track, this girls got some serious talent, thanks for sharing this gem with us.

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