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The Beach Boys Are Releasing The Smile Sessions

Beach Boys - Smile Aborted Cover Art
Most of you probably know the story of Brian Wilson losing his mind, falling on a drug habit and ceasing production on what the album he was working out in 1966-67 titled “Smile”. It was going to be the Beach Boys’ magnum-opus after the release of “Pet Sounds”, they were supposed to released in 1967 along with the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, instead they released the album “Smiley Smile” which was not what was originally promised. The first song from the session featuring their new sound was ‘Good Vibrations’ and until now the sessions haven’t been released in full. Various tracks have leaked and been released on box editions but now there are news that they will be released in full. According to Billboard Mark Linett and Alan Boyd are working on “The Smile Session” remastering and putting together the tracks from the sessions to resemble Brian Wilson’s original vision. It will be released as a download, two-CDs, and a box set featuring four CDs, two vinyl LPs, two vinyl singles, and a book by Beach Boys historian Domenic Priore. This is what Brian Wilson had to say about the release of the sessions’ release:

“I’m thrilled that the Beach Boys’ original studio sessions for Smile will be released for the first time, after all these years. I’m looking forward to this collection of the original recordings and having fans hear the beautiful angelic voices of the boys in a proper studio release.”

The session still have no release date. In 2004 Wilson released his own version as a solo album. My favorite bootleg of the “Smile” album out there is the Purple Chick bootleg, find it.

Beach Boys – Heroes and Villains [Alt]


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