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Robin Pecknold and Ed Droste Releasing Duet in a Few Weeks

Robin Pecknold
Grizzly Bear Galore leader in all Grizzly Bear news, has uncovered that Ed Droste and Robin Pecknold have collaborated on a duet together. StructureofSkin heard it from Robin Pecknold himself and tweeted:

ed droste/ R pecknold duet coming soon. What?! Thats gonna probably make the indie world explode. And also be the greatest thing ever!”

When asked how he heard the new track he said that he heard it

From the great R Pecknold himself. Just waiting for it to be mastered. Should be out in the next couple of weeks. = )”

This sounds great, I don’t know if it will be on the new Fleet Foxes album but details from the album have been scant I hope it is. You can listen to a new Fleet Foxes track below.

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues:


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