The Antlers

The Antlers Talk To Pitchfork About Their New Album

The Antlers
The Antlers are currently in the studio working on the follow-up to their 2009 album “Hospice”. Pitchfork chatted with frontman Peter Silberman who talked about meeting expectations and how they went about sound after the album “Hospice”. These are some of the highlights describing the album:

For a while, I thought the next logical step from Hospice was to make some very sad, post-Hospice concept record. But thinking in those terms started to feel really manipulative and gimmicky. So I just let go of that idea and, from that point on, I was much happier.


That was the trickiest thing for me to figure out as far as writing this record. Hospice revolved around such a specific, crazy life event and, moving forward from that, I realized I wasn’t in a position to complain anymore. I was really happy with my life. It was good because it meant that I couldn’t just rely on misfortune or unhappiness to write. The band has been recording since Septemeber.

This is not a sad record. It’s sort of energetic and, in its way, psychedelic. It does have an emotional punch, but it’s a little less desperate. There are no life or death situations on this record, no terminal illness, no abusive relationships. I felt like this album didn’t necessarily have to be so directly based on my life– it puts too much pressure on your life to be interesting. [laughs]

You can read the rest of the interview here.

The Antlers – Sylvia [Alt]


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