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Snow Caps Announce Second Album Details

Snow Caps' Andrew Keller
Snow Caps is the project of Philadelphia’s Andrew Keller. “Moonbreak” is the second album from the project and will be released on February 15 on Edible Onion. Keller’s project features soft acoustic tracks catiously composed and all recorded in his bedroom. “Moonbreak” features five instrumental tracks on the album which showcase Keller’s ability to compose complex rhythms using mostly guitars. You can learn more about the music and buy it here. The tracklisting for the album is below.

Snow Caps – Moonbreak:
01. Beauty and the Beauty
02. Hope and Silence
03. Roses
04. A Way
05. Quark
06. Stretched
07. The Prince and the Prince
08. Moonbroken Heart
09. Neue
10. Moonbreak
11. Washington
12. No Name #2
13. Moldy Bread

Snow Caps – Beauty and the Beauty [Alt]
Snow Caps – Moonbroken Heart [Alt]


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