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Panda Bear Says “Tomboy” is Done and Now Being Mixed

Panda Bear
Panda Bear recently told the Wall Street Journal that he has finished worked on his much anticipated album “Tomboy” and that it is currently being mixed. Noah Lennox said it has taken him three years to finish it and that he feels like has already toured the new album. “Tomboy” was originally set to come out this year but since it has taken him longer than he thought to finish the album Lennox postponed the release to this year, instead releasing three singles.
Besides the news about the Panda Bear album he talks about new Animal Collective material:

My family and I are going from Lisbon to Baltimore for three months. I’m going to be living in my mom’s house, which is insane. I hope the turmoil isn’t too much for my kids. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious or nervous, but it’s the kind of challenge that makes things interesting. I’d love to do something physical like exercising once a week, but I don’t feel I have the time. When I look back on my life, I used to think I didn’t have enough time for things. But now I really don’t have time. It’s just the way things are.

Former member Deakin rejoined the band so they are once again a four-piece and I guess will be working out of Baltimore this time all writing music together.

Panda Bear – Last Night at the Jetty [Alt]

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