Lady Lazarus

Lady Lazarus Announces Debut Album

Lady Lazarus
Melissa Ann Sweat’s solo project Lady Lazarus will be releasing its debut EP, “Mantic” on January 18. The project features Melissa’s vibrant piano and dreamy vocals. At time the songs are idiosyncratic, but they are always carefully structured around the piano. The album is available thourgh bandcamp in digital and physical formats. You can download the song ‘The Eye in the Eye of the Storm’ below. You can see the tracklisting for the album below.

Lady Lazarus – Mantic:
01. Nazarite Oath
02. The Eye in the Eye of the Storm
03. Via Elysian Fields: Lake Pontchartrain
04. Took in My Diamond Heart
05. Fighting Words & Fists
06. Half-Life
07. Sick Child 04:38
08. Immortal Youth
09. Midnight Music for a Broken Heart Condition
10. I Couldn’t Find Me In Anything
11. Twilight on a Steinway
12. Pearl
13. What It’s Like
14. Kurosawa’s Dreams and Me

Lady Lazarus – The Eye in the Eye of the Storm [Alt]


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