Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird Announces Fingerlings 4

Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird has released a “Fingerlings” album for his last four albums, it usually comprises of outtakes from the album sessions and/or live versions of songs on the album. For the fourth edition of the series Bird has decided to released the songs he played during his Gezelligheid concert series in Chicago at the Fourth Presbyterian Church. The album is currently available for pre-order, the tracklisting for the album is below.

Andrew Bird – Fingerlings 4:
01. Dance of Death
02. Master Sigh
03. Make Hay
04. You Woke Me Up!
05. Danse Carribe
06. The Barn Tapes
07. The Sifters
08. Carrion Suite
09. Meet Me Here at Dawn
10. Oh Baltimore
11. Section 8 City

Andrew Bird – Anonanimal [Alt]


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