New Pictureplane – Dimensional Rip 6 Mix

Pictureplane - Dimensional Rip 6 Mix
Pictureplane has relesaed a new mix on his blog, titled Plain Pictures, the mix is titled ‘Dimensional Rip 6’. This is what he says about the mix:

maybe you have been noticing (or not) over the past 2 years, but i have been conducting magical social experiments under the guise of “dimensional rip” as a way of altering the reality of both myself and the world (universe) at large, attempting to tear open and manipulate the fabric of reality, basically. each dimensional rip is something different, they have been art zines, performance pieces uploaded to youtube, SONGS I MADE, or even entire art exhibitions. but they all function as the same idea and same work of art each time, a magical platform for social change. no matter how big or small that change is. “change” is relative. tearing through from one dimension to the next.


dimensional rip 6 is a mix i made of slowed down and transformed happy hardcore, rave, and jungle tunes. let it take you on a journey into the infinite rave. light and dark.

You can download the mix for free here. The tracklisting for the mix is below.

Pictureplane – Dimensional Rip 6:
01. Dyewitness: “Masterplan”
02. Nature One: “Sense of Live” (Video Mix)
03. Para-dizer: “Song of Liberation” (Exit EEE Remix)
04. Brothers in Crime: “Forever”
05. DJ Hixxy and Bananaman: ” Together Forever”
06. Star Wash: “Strong Like a Lion”
07. Mystical Units: “Positively Evil”
08. Atomik: “Battle of the Sattelites”
09. Industrial: “Renegade”
10. DJ DR J: “Rock Me Journey”
11. Definition of Sound: “What Are You Under

Pictureplane – Transparent Now (Thin Veil) [Alt]


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