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Fever Ray Providing New Music for Red Riding Hood

Fever Ray ...i think
After watching the trailer for Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried I thought I heard a familiar voice providing music and it turns out that it was Karin Dreijer Andersson’s voice. She will be providing a new song for the film and will actually be appearing in the film, which if you watch the trailer you can see her elaborate outfits can blend in with the movie’s style. Fever Ray will be appearing in a scene during a Burning-Man type scene according to the LA Times. You can watch the film’s trailer below.

Fever Ray – Stranger Than Kindness [Alt]


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  2. brad

    that image is totally Illuminati symbolism. checkerboard design is masonic in nature—represents dualism, good/evil…night/day.

    lady gaga, beyonce, miley cyrus, etc all have similar symbolism. record industry execs are straight illuminati satanists.

    your ignorance only makes them stronger.

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