Panda Bear

Leaked: Panda Bear – You Can Count On Me 7″ Single

Panda Bear - You Can Count on Me
Panda Bear’s new single ‘You Can Count On Me’ has leaked onto the internet, both sides of the 7″ sides were ripped and now you can hear both songs from the single. ‘You Can Count On Me’ is a slow, harmonizing jam. Everyone’s favorite from the release seems to be the b-side ‘Alsatian Darn’, I can see why; the harmonies, the intricate instrumentation. I can see why ‘You Can Count On Me’ was the a-side, it is more immediate and more appealing. You can listen to both songs below and you can order the 7″ from Domino here.

Panda Bear – You Can Count On Me:

Panda Bear – Alsatian Darn:


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