MGMT Respond to Creative Control Issues with Label and ‘Piss’ Incident in the UK

Well, I posted about the Daily Mail writing about MGMT having creative issues with their label but it turns out that it was all lies, I didn’t post about the band’s drummer being hit by a cup of piss. This is what the band wrote to Pitchfork about the creative issues with Columbia:

As for the whole label-not-giving-them-artistic-freedom thing, we aren’t even close to starting the process of making a new album, label-relations are currently quite friendly, we are very proud of “Congratulations” and the new videos, looking forward to making more music on Columbia, and the (mostly sold out) world tour has been going splendidly THANKS FOR ASKING. Don’t believe everything that you read (even on
taking the piss=bad idea in interviews

This is what they attribute the bullshit storm on:

All accounts of this alleged piss-throwing/shirt-piss-catching incident as well as the “label not giving them as much freedom” are false and maliciously embellished, as an indirect result of the Malicious British Journalistic Freedom Act (1666) which entitles gobshot writers for shitty British tabloids to make up whatever the fuck they want about whomever they choose (citation needed).

For the entire letter you can see it here.

MGMT – Someone’s Missing [Alt]

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