Theophilus London

New Video: Theophilus London – Hey Wonderful

Theophilus London
Theophilus London is currently in Canada but during his time in Europe he shot a video for his song ‘Hey Wonderful’. The song is featured on his latest mixtape offering “I Want You”. In the video London hangs out with a girl out and about in Amsterdam. You can watch the video below.
Theophilius London also recently spoke with URB and told them that he is going to be working with Mark Ronson and Sam Sparro on what I assume is Chauffeur’s new EP for this Christmas and reveals this about his new album:

“A lot of stories and dreams about women. Reality and dreams. A lot of emotion. There’s this one song where this guy lives in the jungle for some reason and the lady lives in the city but they have this relationship. There is another song called “Wine and Chocolate,” which is kind of like a foreplay song. It’s this guy trying to figure out if wine and chocolate could be how he gets this girl. “Groove Me” is all about sex. Another is about sitting against a tree while you’re at war and your girl is back home.”

He also talks about his relationship with his label, Warner:

They say they haven’t been this excited since Prince and they’ve been taking me out to dinner. Steak joints. I was like whoa, this is serious.

I really hope he makes it.

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix feat. Theophilus London) [Alt]


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