Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel Announce New EP

Nite Jewel
Nite Jewel has announced that they will be releasing a new EP with songs that were previously featured on their European tour-only EP. The EP is titled “Am I Real?”, it features EP Cole M.G.N. and Daniel + Andrew Aged from Teen Inc. The EP will be released on August 16 and it will be out digitally later this month. You can download a track from the album titled ‘Falling Far’. The tracklisting for the EP is below.

Nite Jewel – Am I Real? EP:
01. Another Horizon
02. We Want Our Things
03. Forget You & I
04. Falling Far
05. White Lies
06. Am I Real? (feat. Teen Inc.)

Nite Jewel – Falling Far [Alt]


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