Gorillaz Live at Glastonbury 2010

So, U2’s Bono had to get back surgery and the band had to back out of headlining one of the night’s for the 40th Anniversary of the British festival. Michael Eavis was fortunate to be able to secure Gorillaz as the headlining act. So Albarn and co. had to prepare intensely and even announced that he was able to secure all the guests, which they were until Mos Def had to pull out. BBC was able to record the show because that it what they do, but in the UK the show was getting bad reviews because there weren’t many sing-a-longs and the crowd wasn’t as engaged as it was with past headliners. It was plagued with many problems, most notably Bobby Womack missing his cue on ‘Cloud of Unknowing’ but it also had many highlights like Snoop Dogg performing his rap from ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ over their 2001 hit ‘Clint Eastwood’. Someone was able to rip the show. You can download the entire set below.

Gorillaz – Live at Glastonbury 2010:
01. Orchestral Intro + Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach [Alt]
02. Last Living Souls [Alt]
03. O Green World [Alt]
04. Kids with Guns [Alt]
05. Stylo [Alt]
06. On Melancholy Hill [Alt]
07. Rhinestone Eyes [Alt]
08. Broken [Alt]
09. Empire Ants [Alt]
10. Dirty Harry [Alt]
11. White Flag [Alt]
12. Superfast Jellyfish [Alt]
13. DARE [Alt]
14. Glitter Freeze [Alt]
15. Some Kind of Nature [Alt]
16. El Mañana [Alt]
17. Cloud of Unknowing [Alt]
18. Pirate Jet [Alt]
19. To Binge [Alt]
20. Fire Coming Out of a Monkey’s Head [Alt]
21. Feel Good Inc. [Alt]
22. Clint Eastwood [Alt]

Entire Show

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