MF DOOM Releases Free EP Collaboration with Borat

Mysterious rapper MF DOOM keeps everyone guessing by doing unexpected things like not showing up at his shows, never showing his face, working with Kanye West on the second Madvillain album, but now this is the most weird of all. He supposedly met up with Sacha Baron Cohen in Los Angeles and collaborated on a free EP. It features DOOM rapping over beats given to him by Borat. Anyway you can download the EP here. Thanks to 2dopeboyz, where you can also see the backstory. You can see the tracklisting below.

MF DOOM – MF Borat EP:
1. Bing Bong Bing
2. Dedicated To Love (feat. Samantha Alexes)
3. Rescue Khazakstan (feat. Aretha Franklin)
4. So Good To Me
5. Tower of Ears (feat. Diana Ross)

MF Borat – Bing Bong Bing [Alt]


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