New M.I.A. – Haters

M.I.A. recently had some trouble with a New York Times reporter Lynn Hirchsberg after she posted a article about her titled “M.I.A.’s Agitprop Pop”. In the article she made some remarks about M.I.A’s political beliefs, and actions. It also features some quotes by those around M.I.A. like producer Diplo. M.I.A. saw it and tweeted Lynn Hirschberg’s phone number to which Lynn Hirschberg responded by dismissing her actions and saying the article was factual. M.I.A. in a post on her NEET blog titled “War Crimes and French Fries” she posted some audio clips and a new song titled ‘Haters’ that show some of the information in the article was skewed by Lynn Hirchsberg. You can download her new song below.

M.I.A. – Haters [Alt]

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  1. SFCritic

    What are your thoughts JP? You’re remaining pretty objective (a good journalist you are) in this post.

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