Kanye West

Vulture Asks How Kanye West’s New Album Will Sound

Kanye West
Kanye West is said to be getting back to his old rapping ways for this new album “Good Ass Job”, so Vulture started putting the pieces together to see exactly how it will sound. So far they found out is that Kanye West is ditching samples, he is recording in Hawaii and Rick Ross is on the new album. To see the rest of their analysis of the new Kanye West album you can go here. Kanye West hasn’t released an album since his experiment with auto-tune with “808s & Heartbreak” back in 2008. From what I’ve been hearing about the new album, it is set to be a hip-hop classic.

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  1. Meta

    It’s sad that something called “Good Ass Job” could become a classic. Music about nothing.

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