Ugly Casanova

New Ugly Casanova – Here’s To Now (Live)

Ugly Casanova
I Guess I’m Floating was able to find a video where Isaac Brock plyaed some new music under the name Ugly Casanova. He hasn’t done anything with the project since the 2002 album “Sharpen Your Teeth”. It actually turns out that Ugly Casanova will be providing new music for the “180° South” soundtrack. The soundtrack will be on June 22 and will feature nine new songs from the project. You can hear the new song performed at the premiere of the movie below and see the soundtrack for the film.

180° South Soundtrack tracklisting:
01. Ugly Casanova – “Mountains of Storms”
02. Ugly Casanova – “Here’s to Now”
03. Mason Jennings – “Machines”
04. James Mercer – “Doug’s Theme”
05. Ugly Casanova – “Wave Goodbye”
06. Ugly Casanova – “Lonesome Blues”
07. James Mercer – “Journey Through the Past”
08. Ugly Casanova – “Hotcha Girls”
09. Jack Johnson – “Spring Wind”
10. Ugly Casanova – “Maybe We’re Lost”
11. Ugly Casanova – “Corcovado”
12. Love as Laughter – “Coconut Flakes”
13. Ugly Casanova – “The Geezer”
14. Ugly Casanova – “Lay Me Down”

Ugly Casanova – Parasite [Alt]

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