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New LCD Soundsystem – Throw (Paperclip People cover)

LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem only featured nine-tracks on their latest release “This Is Happening”. If that wasn’t enough for you on the iTunes version of the album it comes with a bonus track, ‘Throw’ a cover of Cral Craig’s Paperclip People project. The song like most of the songs on the album is extremely long like all the other songs on the albumm, besides ‘Drunk Girls’, being 10-minutes long but it still doesn’t reach the original which was 15-minutes long. While listening to it you can hear the track’s fuzzy bass and Jame Murphy’s high pitch yelps as the track progresses until the end when he just lets loose. You can download the song below. (Thanks to We All Want Someone To Shout For)

LCD Soundsystem – Throw (Paperclip People cover) [Alt]

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  1. Raspberry Jones

    Paperclip PEOPLE, you doyen of fact-checking…

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