Jónsi Says New Sigur Rós May Come As Soon As 2011


Jónsi recently sat down with Under the Radar and wasw interviewed about his solo shows and how they have affected his playing. During the interview he said that Sigur Rós are going to be back in the studio and may release an album in 2011. This is what the exhanged was between Jónsi and Under the Radar’s Laura Studarus:

Laura Studarus: Are you thinking of doing another solo album?

Jónsi: I think it would be really fun. In between this touring I’m doing now and the rest of the year I’m definitely going to work with the Sigur Rós guys. We’ll work on a new album. Maybe a new album in 2011. But in between that it would be fun to do a solo. It would be really fun.

Laura Studarus: So you you’re definitely looking to go back with Sigur Rós?

Jónsi: I think so. Definitely.

Laura Studarus: I know a lot of people who are holding their breath for that.

Jónsi: Yeah, definitely. It’ll be really cool.

Well this is great especially after hearing that the band has scrapped an album worth of material. You can read the full interview here, in which he says he wants to collaborate with Jay-Z.

Jónsi – Go Do [Alt]
Sigur Rós – Hjomalind [Alt]


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  2. sonic

    Oh yeah! finaly! Sad but Jonsi solo was a little disapointment for me 🙂

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