Gorillaz on Jools Holland, Pt. 2

Gorillaz Live in London
It turns out that Gorillaz played more than two songs on Jools Holland besides ‘White Flag’ and ‘Stylo’, the band also played ‘On Melancholly Hill’, ‘To Binge’, and ‘Superfast Jellyfish’. They also had the chance to have all of their guests. Gorillaz co-creators Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn told the same old story about watching MTV and being bored by the shitty music so they decided to start Gorillaz, which they tell eveytime they release an album. You can watch all four videos below including the interview, the performances of ‘White Flag’ and ‘Stylo’ are here. (Thanks to Gorillaz-Unofficial)


Superfast Jellyfish

On Melancholly Hill

To Binge

Gorillaz – Superfast Jelllyfish (Unicorn Kid Remix) [Alt]


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