Final Fantasy

Listen To Owen Pallett Perform At Webster Hall

Owen Pallett
Owen Pallett was known as Final Fantasy until he changed his name months ago to facilitate the release of his albums in Japan. His album “Heartland” was released a couple of months ago to rave reviews and now you can stream his performance at New York’s Webster Hall on Thursday of last week. He was assisted by guitarist/percussionist Thomas Gill. You can listen to the show here and see thes setlist below.

Owen Pallett Live at Webster Hall 4/22/10:
01. E Is for Estranged
02. This Is the Dream of Win and Regine
03. Scandal at the Parkade
04. That’s When the Audience Died
05. Midnight Directives
06. Keep the Dog Quiet
07. The Great Elsewhere
08. Lewis Takes Action
09. Don’t Stop (The Party on My Account)
10. He Poos Clouds
11. Flare Gun
12. The Butcher
13. Many Lives — 49 MP
14. Lewis Takes Off His Shirt

15. CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
16. Fantasy (Mariah Carey cover)

Owen Pallett – Fantasy (Mariah Carey cover) [Alt]


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