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New Artist: Uncles Released New Single

Queens-based folk duo Uncles have released a new single titled ‘Deaf Dumb Dog’. The band is made up of Dan Bateman and Will Schwartz who grew up together in Yonkers. On April 23 they will be releasing their debut album “Replacing Words with Other Words” from which the single comes from. The track gives the image of a man sitting by himself in a dank room strumming his guitar. Bateman’s Schwartz’s southern drawl comes across as strange since he grew up in New York but apparently he “as a child, he would often go down to his family’s acreage outside of Birmingham, Alabama, where he was introduced to music by his grandfather who would sing for him in that same thick southern accent” (according to The Ampeater, where you can also download two more tracks by the band). ‘Deaf Dumb Dog’ just seems like a man streaming his own thoughts to the listener. You can listen to more music by Uncles at their myspace and you can download the song below.

Uncles – Deaf Dumb Dog [alt]


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