Gorillaz Coachella Videos Hit Youtube, Playing the Colber Report on Thursday

The title seems a little misleading because it makes it seem like I’m posting the entire performance but I’ve just managed to find some clips from the band’s performance. Gorillaz headlined the third and final night of Coachella on Sunday and were forced to scale back since their performers were stuck in the UK and Europe due the Icelanic Volcanic Ash Cloud. Mos Def, Kano, Bashy, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and Shaun Ryder were notably absent. The band continued and played without them having to fallback on playback. What was different from their other live shows after their last two tours after the release of their first two albums is that the band took center stage. Damon Albarn and co. didn’t hide behind a screen, they didn’t play as silhouettes like at the Apollo, Damon actually showed his face and became the frontman for the band; something that he has hesitated to do since Blur broke-up took a break since 2003. It seems that his time with Blur in 2009 has reignitied a spark for him to take the spotlight.
A couple of the videos of the videos that I have found on the internet include a pro-recorded performance of ‘Feel Good Inc.’ and what are the visuals for the third single from the album ‘On Melancholy Hill’, which might serve as the storyboard for the eventual video. The visual sho animated versions of the guest-stars from the album, if you’re looking for Mos Def he’s the Boogieman at the end of the video. I’ve also found the video for the Orchetral Intro/Welcome To The Word Of the Plastic Beach’, which features Snoop Dogg on the visuals.You can watch both videos below.
The band will also be playing on The Colbert Report this Thursday, I can’t wait until Damon Albarn will be interviewed by Colbert asking him questions about a non-existent band.
(Thanks to Gorillaz-Unofficial)

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Live at Coachella)

Orchestral Intro/Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach

On Melancholy Hill (Live with visuals)

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Geoffrey James Remix) [Alt]


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