Girls Releasing New EP Later This Year, Possibly Recording New Album Next Year

San Francisco’s Girls recently sat down with British music website Drowned in Sound and talked about some of their upcoming plans and how they are dealing with the new found fame. They talk about the band’s constant touring and also divulge some of their future recording plans. Most of the conversation dealt with how Christopher Owens is talked about in the media with the whole Children of God-cult background. More interestingly the band revealed that they would be relesaing a new EP later this year. This is what Christopher Owens told Drowned in Sound:

When we get home from these European dates we then start another US tour, and then we play at the Coachella Festival which takes us up to the end of April. Afterwards we’re planning to record an EP. I want to call the a-side “Fucking A” and the b-side “Fucking B”, and I want it to be the best EP of all time!… Yeah, I’ve picked out six that I want on that record. I want it to be half the length of the album. The thing is though, JR also has the right to say whether we should record specific songs or not. One of the very first songs I wrote is going to be on the EP. We played it at our first couple of shows, and then stopped playing it live. It’s called ‘Carolina’ – there’s a version of it on the internet – and it hasn’t really been done justice yet. The recording is what will make it what it is in my head, which is this great, epic song. It’s written about this girl who was “Miss Teen South Carolina” and she was in a pageant to become “Miss Teen USA”, and they asked her a question and she said something really silly about wanting to teach people in Iraq how to read, and I thought to myself “Did she really just say that?” I remember being in the hotel lobby at work watching it online because no one was checking in, and I called JR at home to tell him but he was watching it already. At the time, the whole of the country’s media jumped on it, and it was a stupid comment to make, but here’s the thing, just because she’s not that smart isn’t necessarily her fault. She was probably raised in a certain way and pushed into the whole pageant lifestyle.

They also touched on the recording schedule for this year:

We’ll do the EP in the spring, and then I would imagine the label will hold on to it for a while until we’ve played over the summer. I don’t think we’ll start recording for the second album until the very back end of this year, maybe even later.

For the whole interview check out Drowned In Sound. You can download some unreleased tracks and a b-side by the band below including the above mentioned ‘Carolina’.

Girls – Carolina (Live at Midi Festival) [Alt]
Girls – Lysandre (Black Session [Alt]
Girls – Oh Boy [Alt]


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