Jónsi Thinks British TV 'Raped' Sigur Rós' Hoppípolla

Sigur Rós’ frontman Jónsi believes that British television have been taking advantage of the country’s laws where they could feauture songs in the background without having to pay. Particularly the country has taken advantage of the law with one of their biggest songs ‘Hoppípolla’. He feels so strongly about it that he calls the act ‘rape’. He says that the band doesn’t feel bitter about it but the song has been featured everywhere. This is what he said about the band’s feelings regarding the usage of ‘Hoppípolla’:

“In some weird way, the national TV here in Britain doesn’t have to ask permission to use songs if it’s in the background of TV shows or whatever. So they can just take it and use it and that happened a lot with ‘Hoppipolla’.
No, not jaded but you become self conscious. You think this doesn’t work well with the scene, y’know if it’s in a movie. But it’s also one thing I’ve learnt to let go, you just live for a while and you die. Nothing else matters that much.
The David Attenborough show was cool though (Planet Earth). We’re all big fans of his.”

Jónsi will be releasing his debut solo album “Go” in the beginning of April.

Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla [Alt]


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