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Leaked: Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy – Heartland

It’s now almost Christmas and a lot of next year’s albums seem to be leaking, Los Campesinos! leaked earlier this week and now Owen Pallett’s “Heartland” has leaked. Owen Pallett recently let go of the name Final Fantasy and is now using his real name. This will be his debut on his new label Domino. “Heartland” features the Czech Symphony, Matt Smith, Gentlemen Reg, Nico Muhly, and the Arcade Fire’s drummer Jeremy Gara. H”heartland” opens with ‘Midnight Directives’ which features a samba-esque drum beat and string arrangements with a rapid synth coming in the middle. The synths are some of the more proinent instruments on the albumu besides the strings in the usual orchestral arrangements. Pallett composed much of the album to contain many different layers orchestral flourishes, frantic synths, almost hidden bass lines. The album does not feature anything that we haven’t seen from the singer-songwriter but it is the best of his career so far. Much of the album hides Owen Pallet’s violin which makes me think of how he will perform these solo while on tour, the layering seems too much even with his loop pedal. Favorites of the album so far include: ‘The Great Elsewhere’, ‘Keep The Dog Quiet’, ‘Tryst With Mephistopheles’. The album is due out on January 12 on Domino, you can buy the record here.

Final Fantasy – None Of You Will Ever See A Penny [Alt]

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