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Karen O Gets Grammy Nomination

In a suprising turn of events Karen O has received a Grammy nomination today. This all ocurred when the academy found out that Miley Cyrus had to be disqualified from the catergory because of a tehcnicality. Karen O was nominated for ‘All Is Love’ from the “Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack”. Apparently Spike Jonze said in his blog that Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Climb’ was disqualified from the Best Song Written for a Soundtrack because it wasn’t written for her movie, then the nomination went to the song with the next highest votes and Karen O received it. Congratulations to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ lead singer. Hopefully she wins in this batch of this year’s dreadful nominations.

Karen O & the Kids – All Is Love [Alt]
*Arcade Fire – Wake Up (Where The Wild Things Are Trailer Version [Alt]


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