Gorillaz New Cover Art For Plastic Beach Revealed

Due to some weird reason EMI Australia Blog has revealed the new cover art for Gorillaz recently announced album “Plastic Beach”. This is the second piece of news besides the title and collaborators that we have received from their new album. All that’s next is their tracklisting and release date. The cover art shows fictitious band guitarist Noodle ready for battle. You can see the image below and the re-inverted one here. The cover seems a little streched out. (Thanks to Gorillaz-Unofficial.) Its kind of weird to see cartoons age but Jamie Hewlett has done a good job over the last two album cycles. I can’t wait for the rest of the artwork and music to come out, Phase 3 will be great.

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach artwork

Gorillaz – Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head [Alt]


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