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Brooklyn Pool Parties Will Be Happening Next Year

Remember a short time ago when the Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation said that there would be now Jelly Pool Parties next year well they have decided against that. Senator Chuck Schumer and other groups fought the decision and it seems that the will of the people has been heard. Regional Director of the State Park, Rachel Gordon said: “There’s still some paperwork, but as far as state parks is concerned, there will be concerts.” The East River State Park held the concert series last year, that culminated with the Grizzly Bear/Beach House/Vega show in August. The concert series was previously held at McCarren Park, which is why they are called pool parties until the pool at the park was decided to be renovated for its intended use. Founder of Jelly NYC Alexander Kane said of the event: “It’s good to know everything’s right on track. We’re going tos go pretty big this year for our fifth anniversary. It’ll be our coolest year yet.” I wonder how they will top Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, Girl Talk and No Age from last year.

Real Estate – Pool Swimmers [Alt]
Yo La Tengo – The Empty Pool [Alt]


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