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New Artist: True Womanhood Release New Digital 7"

Washington, DC band True Womanhood have released a new digital 7″ single, which I don’t see how its possible, for their tracks ‘Magic Child’ and ‘Dignitas’. The three-piece band recorded the double A-side at the Death by Audio warehouse in Brooklyn using vintage electronics sampling a sewer pipe, four foot metal blades, and of course a timpani. It is some of the best material I’ve had sent to me in a while. If I were to describe the sound it would be dream-pop with a post-punk edge. ‘Magic Child’ sets its atmosphere with the sound of chilling wind until the jagged guitar comes in with heavy bass. Barely noticeable are the ‘ohhs’ in the background leading, being one of the first of strange sounds that round out the track. The other track from the single ‘Dignitas’ is more of a post-rock number featuring a pounding bass line and drums with slow burning samples and Jeff Buckley-like vocals. The tracks were mastered by Oliver Ackermann o A Place To Bury Strangers. You can download ‘Magic Child’ below. For more about True Womanhood check out their myspace.

True Womanhood – Magic Child [Alt]


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