Leaked: Charlotte Gainsbourg with Beck – IRM

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album, “IRM”, that was made in collaboration with Beck who co-wrote lyrics, produced and wrote the music, has leaked online. The collaboration has been great as of far but the public has only been previewed two tracks from the album ‘IRM’ and ‘Heaven Can Wait’ which have been excellent. There was also a video featuring both artists for ‘Heaven Can Wait’ which showed how the collaboration was a great fit. Now that the entire album has leaked we can all see if they were able to replicate some of good that is feature on ‘Heaven Can Wait’. The album starts off with ‘Master’s Hands’ which sounds like Charlotte Gaisbourg doing her best Beck impersonation with his almost conversational singing. the album does feature a lot of electronics which for some reason I didn’t imagine when I pictured hearing the album in my head. Many string arrangements are incorporated into the tracks with often times heavy drums. If you’re wondering if Ms. Gainsbourg sings in French, she does in ‘Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes’, ‘Voyage’ and ‘La Collectionneuse’ (both also sung in English in certain parts). Besides ‘Heaven Can Wait’ my favourite track has to be ‘Trick Pony’, a track that would’ve been expected because of Beck’s current musical style. It shows in shift of direction in the album’s sound that continues with ‘Greenwhich Mean Time’, ‘Looking Glass Blues’ and the bass-heavy ‘Dandelion’. The album is actually pretty good and is heavily influenced by Beck (obviously since the man co-wrote the album). You can buy your copy here. I would post a track from the album but it would probably be taken down almost immediately.

Charlotte Gainsbourg & Calexico – Just Like A Woman (Bob Dylan cover) [Alt]


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