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Graham Coxon Soundtracks A Film, Does Not Reveal Title

Guitar virutoso Graham Coxon has announced that he will be sountracking a British film that will be coming out shortly but did not reveal what the title of the film was going to be be. He was somewhat secretive when he told the NME this bit of news. After he spoke of the sound of the soundtrack. This is what he told NME about the film:

It’s for a film coming out relatively soon, it’s a British sort of ‘freak thriller’, I suppose you could call it.

He referred to the sound of the sountrack as “Pink Floyd with fangs”. He then revealed that it will consists of 13-14 songs and will be 45 minutes long. Coxon added that he covered some nursery rhymes for the release:

They [film producers] gave me some themes to play with, famous old nursery rhymes and folk songs that I wanted to muck about with. I came up with 13 or 14 tracks, so about 45 minutes of music – it’s a weird, strange kind of album.

I guess any new Graham Coxon is great, maybe he could get the taste of his subpar last album out of everyone’s mouths. He is said to be working on a new album at the moment, which I hope is a proper album.

Graham Coxon – Escape Song [Alt]


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