White Lies To Start Work on 'Tricky Second Album"

English trio White Lies have annonuced that they will start working on their second album in the middle of much of the tour that is currently supporting their debut album. The band have said tha they will be taking January off but won’t be getting into the studio anytime soon. Bassist Charles Cave told BBC 6Music:

It seemed like, ‘It will happen when it happens’, but now it seems that it’s got to happen in a window of about two months. That means that we won’t be writing until after those shows happen anyway because we’re taking January off and going to various places. There’s almost so much pressure that you just have to forget about the whole thing and just have loads of fun. At the end of the day, we are in a fantastic position. The first album has done well enough that it enables us to be a bit more experimental, and do what we want really, and see where a whole year and half’s worth of new music and influences come in to effect. We’re up to the challenge. We’ve been working on the lyrics already for a long while and feel very, very happy with four or five, which is half. It’s either going to be the case of, we’ll sit down and there will be so many fantastic ideas we can’t control ourselves, or we’ll have to teach ourselves how to write music again. We’ve all brought and listened to more music in this last year than in our entire lives before, just because touring is boring so you buy new music and listen to it, so I think, ‘Who knows what will happen?’

The band will probably try to experiment more with their dark post-punk sound.

White Lies – Death [Crystal Castles Remix] [Alt]

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