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The Strokes Getting Around To Finally Recording Next Year in January

The Strokes have been saying since 2008 that next year they will be getting around to recording their new album. Ever since 2008 they have been announcing that the band will be getting back in to the studio. Now it seems that they might not be lying. Almost all of the members have released solo albums or have side projects that have released solo albums. With Albert Hammond, Jr. and Julian Casablancas releasing solo albums, and Nickel Eye and Little Joy release debut albums. Nikolai Fraiture is saying that the band is set to reconvene in the studio in January of next year, at least that it what he tweeted:

While the guys are in LA, I went to scout some studios in NYC with Ryan [Gentles – The Strokes manager] today for what looks like Jan recording!!! mood = f***ing excited.

Julian Casablancas words seem to dampen the mood just as Nikolai raised everyone’s spirits. This is what the lead singer told Pitchfork in an interview:

We’re supposed to get back together in January but don’t hold me to that. We’ve been trying to do it for years. I’m always available and they know that but getting together is tough.”.

I’m not sure how to take this but let’s take a look at their past words about getting the band back together in the studio: In April 2008 they post on the Strokes website saying that the band will start working on their fourth album, then in October 2008 they announced that they would be recording the new album in February of 2009 in January 2009 Albert Hammond, Jr. announced how exciting it was that the band was going to be getting back together, then in September of this year Albert Hammond, Jr. was said to be in rehab, while in October Julian Casablancas spoke of how he hoped the new material will sound like Thin Lizzy. Hopefully this meeting will actually produce some new material.

The Strokes – You Only Live Once (Alternate) [zshare]

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