Grizzly Bear

New Pivot – Colorado (Grizzly Bear Cover)

Austrialian electronic rock band Pivot have covered Warp labelmates Grizzly Bear. Of course being fascinated by all things Grizzly Bear I had to listen to this. Out of the many easier songs that they could have chosen to cover, ‘Knife’, ‘Two Weeks’, they chose one of the compelling tracks from their classic 2006 release “Yellow House”. The cover was recorded last year in November for Warp’s 20 Anniversary release “Warp20 (Recreated)”. It stays fairly true to the original version of the track not the nine minute live version. Full of reverb with the piano, the build-up and extended jam section are given synths with added vocals. You can download the cover below.

Pivot – Colorado (Grizzly Bear Cover) [zshare]

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