Bon Iver

Bon Iver Taking A Hiatus

Bon IverJustin Vernon’s project Bon Iver will be taking a break from touring and recording. Vernon announced that the band will be taking a break. This was done on Tuesday at the San Francisco show at the Fillmore. Vernon said: “This is the last tour that we’re doing with this thing, and after this we’re going to take a break”. The band played a set that featured tracks from both releases, “For Emma, Forever Ago” and “Blood Bank” and covered Graham Nash’s ‘Simple Man’. The once solo-project evolved into a band, when playing live there would be new renditions of the stripped down tracks that he had developed while recording the album. He will most likely start promoting the new Volcano Choir album “Unmap”, which is a collaboration between himself and band Collections of Colonies of Bees. BOn Iver will be appearing on the new Twilight movie soundtrack collaborating with St. Vincent.

Bon Iver – Babys [zshare]


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