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New Fleet Foxes & Plants and Animals Remixes by The Professor

Fleet Foxes and Plants & Animals have been remixed by Oakland-based project The Professor. The tracks are re-imagings of tracks released by the bands. The first remix is of the track ‘Faerie Dance’ by Plants and Animals. The Professor loops various vocals from the song and makes a whole new track. The Professor loops the line “I thought I would know what to do when the time came” and then “then fell asleep under a tree/got woken up by birds and bees”. With the opening guitar line and beat are continuously looped. The vocals sound less prominent than on the original and some almost whispered on the remix. It has an almost other worldly feel to it.
The Fleet Foxes remix is dealt in the same way, looping vocals, guitar lines and drum beats to change the track around. It gives the track a faster pace. With more going on than the mostly acoustic in the original version
The remixes have a hip-hop aesthetic that can be seen in the original tracks by The Professor, with the loops being sampled and changing the pace of the track. You can download the remixes below. Learn more about The Professor from his myspace.

Plants and Animals – What To Do (The Professor Remix) [zshare]
Fleet Foxes – Summertime (The Professor Remix) [zshare]


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  1. Pedro

    could you please expand your bandwidth so that we could download The Professor's tracks? Or do you know where else to find them?

  2. JP

    the zshare links still work, you guys should check them before asking, if you're new to the blog you will see the zshare links are there as an alternative and so that people can still download the tracks in case the bandwidth runs out on the links

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